Survey: Churches Pivoting, Anxious, and Getting on Mission

Over 1500 church leaders responded to our Covid-19 Church Survey.

The coronavirus COVID-19 creeped onto the world scene only a few months ago and has spread at breakneck speed, disrupting societies, social units, healthcare systems, and entire economies.

Only a few months in, the cost in lives has been too high—those infected and who have lost their lives as a result of the virus, and those suffering as a result of changes in how we daily function (e.g., an increase in suicide rates, domestic abuse cases, depression, and more). Many are wondering how the church, historically a beacon of hope in times of distress, is faring.

Because we wanted to know more about how churches were doing early in this crisis, we wanted to reach out (quickly) to a large number of churches. In partnership with the Billy Graham Center’s Send Institute, Exponential, Leadership Network, Catalyst, the Association of Related Churches (ARC), and, the BGC surveyed a (non-random) sample of pastors and church leaders, seeking to understand their church’s current response.

Over 1500 church leaders replied.

In the survey, we see that many churches and pastors are taking things day-by-day and making changes at a pace they have never had to work at before—with 53 percent of those surveyed responded that they are uncertain and are taking things one week at a time. It’s commendable. Although not panicking, many are struggling with navigating new technological realities of moving online.

Pastors are seeing that the new reality today is that churches must learn to continue to care for our churches and reach into their neighborhoods in the midst of widespread lockdown and social distancing requirements.

It’s a time when we are seeking to do effective ministry while also navigating …

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Author: Lilly Kristensen

Lilly is a web and graphic designer, illustrator and co-founder to The Tipsy Red Fox. She was born in Denmark, grown up in Sweden and then moved to Los Angeles, USA, where she lives today.

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